Gcinile Twala takes legal actions against Grootman.

Gcinile Twala takes legal actions against Grootman.

Makeup artist Gcinile Twala has chosen to address the chaos and harassment caused by her ex-boyfriend Grootman.


Well, well, well, social media is buzzing with the latest drama between Gcinile Twala and Themba Grootman Selahle, the former “IT” couple. It seems things have taken a wild turn! The makeup artist decided to take legal action against her baby daddy when he thought it would be a great idea to share her explicit tape on social media. Quite the scandal, isn’t it?

Selahle amusingly warned of releasing another video of her unless she promptly returned all the items he had purchased for her. MDNews couldn’t resist sharing Gcinile’s legal papers, exposing the fact that Twala had filed a case against him. Quite the scandal!

Opinions were sharply split among netizens when Gcinile made the decision to pursue legal action, with some supporting her and others siding with Grootman.

@Ori_RSA wrote: "Can Grootman also take legal action against her when it comes to some unlawful acts that she did when they were still together to settle the score."

Women For Change (WFC), the organisation fighting against gender-based violence and femicide in South Africa, took to social media to assure everyone that Twala is safe. They also mentioned that legal action has been taken against Selahle.

Gcinile sex tape

“Do not engage with any ‘Gcinile Twala’ social media account, as Gci has deactivated herself and has no other profiles. Any other account is fake.Do not engage with any content from Grootman. Instead, report his account! We need to stop giving him attention. Narcissistic men adore attention. Do not engage!”

“Gci is safe, and she is taking legal steps. We are getting support from the Film and Publication Board (Content Regulatory Authority of South Africa), and the matter will be handled the way it should be, legally and in court.“The most important thing is to keep Gci, her child, and her family safe and get justice for them. We will not share more details for now.”

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