Generation the Legacy: Ayanda’s nightmare continues.

Generation the Legacy: Ayanda’s nightmare continues.

After the return of Gaddafi in the drama, things have not been good for Ayanda because she has been fearing for his life from the beginning of betraying her husband friend, and brother, where he has nothing but good for her where he took care of her when Tau was sent straight to prison.
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But Ayanda was blinded by love when she sold Gaddafi straight to her police boyfriend who arrested him and it took him to escape the country so that he can be a free man, but now he has returned to pay revenge on those who have to betray him and things have started to ve hectic.

But this time she might be caught in the act of witchcraft was Obby has been eating people’s livers to be strong, and continue to cause havoc on people’s lives which is not good for Ayanda because she might be killed during this thing or lose important people on her life now.

She has is now in a dangerous situation in her life after Kumkani has taken her and they have kept her in a dangerous place, where they will still her liver and eat it when she is still alive and this can even cause Ayanda to perform witchcraft rituals for Oby so that she can do bad things on her behalf.

But how will Kumkani take this because he has been a loyal man to Tau and to see his wife and children suffering like this won’t be good for him, because he has made a lot of promises for him so that he can protect Nonhle and now his promised must be real because of this issue?
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Oby must also know that Ayanda was not alone in that accident where his brother died because Tau and Kumkani helped her to bury him and clean the crime scene, but now she will take all the blame alone because she has betrayed Kumkani so bad and it might take a while for forgiveness to happen.