Generations actress Denise Zimba reveals why she dumped her husband

Generations actress Denise Zimba reveals why she dumped her husband

The collapse of television actress Denise Zimba’s marriage to her German husband, Jakob Schlichtig, appears to have been fueled by a combination of infidelity and prioritization of his pet’s needs over his family’s. According to Zimba, she discovered Schlichtig engaging in self-gratification while texting another woman, a clear breach of trust in their relationship, according to Sunday World.

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Furthermore, Zimba claimed that Schlichtig refused to purchase a plane ticket for her mother to visit and assist with their children, but was willing to spend 900 euros on medical treatment for his sick cat. These actions suggest a lack of commitment and consideration for his wife and family, ultimately leading to the collapse of their marriage.

The conflict between Zimba and Schlichtig has escalated, with Zimba making serious allegations against Schlichtig in the court papers she filed in the Joburg High Court. Zimba is opposing Schlichtig’s application to force her to return their two children to Germany, where he lives, claiming that she unlawfully removed them from the country.

In her affidavit, Zimba claims that Schlichtig was not truthful about the disintegration of their union and the depression she suffered before she left him. Zimba states that her depression was exacerbated by Schlichtig’s lack of support in caring for their children, and his refusal to pay for her mother to come and help her in Germany. She further accuses Schlichtig of having an extramarital affair, claiming to have caught him engaging in inappropriate behavior while texting another woman.

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The court battle between Zimba and Schlichtig appears to be a complex and contentious one, with each party making significant accusations against the other. The outcome of this case will have significant implications for the custody and well-being of their children.

The former Generations: The Legacy actress, Denise Zimba, has revealed that the lease on their house in Cape Town, South Africa, is set to expire soon. She clarified that their trip to Germany was temporary, as Zimba’s mother-in-law was unwell, and their intention was always to reside permanently in South Africa, which is why they purchased a house there.

Zimba also stated that living in Germany would negatively impact her career, and her husband’s family did not provide the expected support in caring for their children during their stay. Now, Zimba is relieved to be back in South Africa, where she and her children are doing well. The second applicant, Jakob Schlichtig, is allowed to visit the children and spend time with them, as he has businesses in both countries.

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