Generations: Letoya Makhene allegedly fails to pay R2000 restaurant bill

Letoya Makhene allegedly fails to pay R2000 restaurant bill

Letoya Makhene

Generations: The bequest actor Letoya Makhene-Pulumo was allegedly left stranded next to a petroleum station when she and her mate Lebo Keswa-Pulumo‘s night out at Montecasino in Fourways last month.

The publication learnt that the celebrity couple was unable to pay a R2 000 bill that they had run up at the stokehole dish eating house.

Sources about to them have claimed that Makhene-Pulumo and Keswa-Pulumo were having a decent time at the flowery eating house, however once it had been time to pay the bill, they allegedly failed to have cash.

“Letoya and Lebo were at stokehole eating house having fun, however once they had to pay the R2 000 bill, they didn’t have cash,” aforesaid AN corporate executive UN agency works within the TV business.

“They known as ME voice communication they were line of work alternative friends of theirs to bail them out. i used to be afraid once these individuals known as ME, requesting ME to e-wallet them money. What quite individuals area unit these UN agency withdraw and run a bill of R2 000 whereas knowing that they don’t have the cash to pay?”

According to another supply about to the couple, the drama continued at a close-by gasoline station.

“I received calls and MEssages from Lebo and Letoya asking me to send them cash. Later, Letoya known as ME telling ME that Lebo had left her at the garage. She had disappeared and was obscurity to be found.

“Letoya was crying. She even told ME that she didn’t have cash for AN Uber. i actually felt pitying her as she was telling ME what had happened,” aforesaid the supply.

When town Press sent Makhene-Pulumo queries via a traveler app, she denied being the owner of the wireless telephone range. She aforesaid that the quantity belonged to her business, House of Kgwedi, that she uses to sell her ancient medicines and concoctions

Later, the couple sent a response via their professional person, Thato Mmamadi of AMS Attorneys.

“In respect of the higher than, we tend to would like to advise that our clients’ rights stay strictly reserved in any respect times and what’s contained below mustn’t be construed as a limitation of any of their rights successively. “Our purchasers make sure that they settle their eating bills and on the particular bill [Fireroom] mentioned, our purchasers inform have settled such a bill.
Letoya Makhene1
“Confirmation is also sought-after from the eating house underneath discussion,” aforesaid Mmamadi.

On the claims that Keswa-Pulumo had left her mate stranded close to the N1 road, Mmamadi said: “Our purchasers don’t have any recollection of the incident. sadly, we tend to cannot discuss such an event because it had not taken place. we tend to record that the higher than communication and queries were directed to a business range employed by our purchasers for internal business communication.

“It is our trust that the higher than answers are going to be afforded your thought in publication any meant articles in line with print media standards,” the professional person wrote.

A waiter at the stokehole eating house said: “I was operating that night and that i realize the incident, however speak to the manager.”
Letoya Makhene2
She then gave the phone to a colleague, UN agency claimed to be a manager: “I can’t discuss that issue as it’s a sensitive matter. In fact, i used to be not on duty.”

Albert Huva, UN agency the couple’s lawyers had known as their contact at the eating house, confirmed that Makhene-Pulumo and Keswa-Pulumo had dined at stokehole.
Letoya Makhene3
“I wasn’t on duty on the night the couple was there. However, supported the report I received, the couple paid their bill,” Huva aforesaid.