Generations star Tswyza celebrated his twins ‘ birthday

Generations star Tswyza celebrated his twins ‘ birthday


Twins are always the same age, and they usually share a similar environment, both in the womb and while growing up. Identical twins share 100% of their genes, while fraternal twins share only about half their genes (just like regular siblings). Being blessed with a set of twins is one of the most incredible things to ever experience as a parent.

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Instead of one baby then good decides to bless you with two of them. Isn’t this just the most amazing thing ever? Generations star known as Tswyza, playing the role of Mrekza on the show. His wonderful twins recently celebrated their birthday and he left Mzansi dazed with pictures of his adorable children as he captioned his post:
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“Your birth was my rebirth, growth and alignment in purpose. I thank God everyday for the privilege of fatherhood and being blessed to be called “daddy”. You are my joy, my love and pain. I vow to cherish you till my curtains close. HBD my babies”. Aren’t these two lovely babies absolutely adorable? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below, like and don’t forget to hit the share button.