Generations The Legacy Letoya Makhene thanks Bae for her support.

Generations The Legacy Letoya Makhene thanks Bae for her support.

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Letoya Makhene (conceived 7 September 1984) is a South African entertainer, artist, and TV character. She is notable for acting in South Africa’s renowned dramas, Isidingo, and Generations.

Letoya left the screen in 2003 to require a multi-month instructional class at a commencement school to turn into a sangoma yet inevitably she put her sangoma obligations aside until she can track down a protected spot for her training.

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She further accepted her endowment of recuperating at 18 years old, in 2002. She graduated as a completely qualified and rehearsing sangoma in 2003 and has been running her private practice since.

Letoya has recently shared a portion of the difficulties she has looked since tolerating her calling.

“Individuals have decided to pass judgment on me since I have decided to carry on with my life my way. Individuals who have positively no comprehension of even their excursion and where it is taking them have decided to play God and point fingers at me.

All things considered, I have decided to lean on my instinct and once in a while, I have settled on terrible options. Yet, in all that I’ve done, I’ve generally been consistent with myself. I’ve generally lived in my reality.

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The adoration life of entertainer Letoya Makhene-Pulumo and her better half finance manager Lebo Pulumo-Makhene have been joined at the hip since the time they looked at one another, doing all that they do together.

She took to Instagram to say thanks to her better half for her endless help in her profound excursion of mending/Ubungoma.

At the point when I was 18 and addressed my hereditary calling, I was told to conceal it from the world since it would demolish my profession. Still … #IDidItMyWay” Letoya composed on her Instagram.


“How my profound excursion has recently bloomed with you in my life, my Love. Ngibonga intlonipho yakho.”

The love birds do everything together about Letoya’s excursion. Once in a while, her significant other has likewise been seen wearing conventional garments and going with her to natural shops.