Generations The Legacy is more affected by covid-19.

Generations The Legacy is more affected by covid-19.

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Since COVID-19 hit our country in March 2020, it has had devastating consequences. The entertainment industry has been hit hard by the pandemic and some of the actors have lost their lives. Generations The Legacy, which airs on SABC 1, has also been rocked by COVID-19 after several actors tested positive.
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According to the Sunday World, the positive cases disrupted production for two weeks. The sources revealed that four of the cast members became seriously ill and one was hospitalized. It is understood that every week, the cast and crew members test positive for COVID-19. “Unfortunately, a few weeks ago more than half of the cast members tested positive,” the source said.

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A cast member who did not want to be named for anonymity reasons said that he thought he was going to lose his life. “I’m grateful to be alive. I thought I was going to die. Covid is not a joke,” he said.

Seasoned actress and outspoken TV reality star Manaka Ranaka, who plays Lucy in the soapie, said that she had tested positive. Ranaka said, however, that she has since recovered and is fine, but was just scared for her infant.

The soapie took 14 days off the production schedule to allow everyone that was not feeling well to test and to self-isolate if necessary.