Buhle gets over the fact that Tshiamo won and stops with the nagging.

Buhle gets over the fact that Tshiamo won and stops with the nagging.

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Buhle is annoying right now. He must just get over the fact that Tshiamo won and stop with the nagging. Congratulate her and move on. Had Buhle won the pageant she would expect Tshiamo to be happy for her? Some people think they are the only ones who deserve good things.
This Gladys character is changing and saving lives of women in toxic marriages must see this kind of content more often. Melusi character represents many men in our communities who abandon their homes to run after skirts, then expect to find things as they were when they decide to go back

Gladys takes up Space and tells Mel where to get off. So Melusi thought they were gonna wait for him to come back from Hoeing before they lay the newborn to rest?

Gladys didn’t do anything wrong by burying her child without Melusi. When a small baby like glady and melusi dies the child is not supposed to stay at The mortuary for to long.

Where was he after he lost that child? a person who belongs to the streets must make his bed there and rest in it.

Imagine Gladys’ pain of losing a child and on top of that having to beg Melusi to be present let him cry it’s his turn.

He must continue to enjoy his life with Thati as he planned and leave his old family alone. Actions have consequences.

Gladys packed Melusi’s clothes in garbage bags and some in the garage.

Melusi is a great potrayal of a life of a black man. Always expected to be a perfect man even to your child’s murderer and a woman who aborted 2 and wanted to abort 2 more of your kids.

They’ll say he deserve pain for a mere cheating triggered by the wife.