Get to know MaBusi from Umkhokha The Enemy


Get to know MaBusi from Umkhokha The Enemy

Hope Mbhele (Born in 1996) is a Kwa-Zulu Natal-born South African actress. She went to university to study business since, in her words, her family is enterprising. Her calling, though, appears to be acting.She is now portraying MaBusi on Umkhokha.

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This inspired her to pursue the issue further after completing her business degree. Her main concentration has always been acting, and she has managed to amaze her countrymen with the films she has been in, notably the famous soap opera Uzalo.

She studied at a prestigious university and graduated with a business degree. Later, she obtained another certification in drama. According to her, she studied business because her family is entrepreneurial. Another reason was that it only made sense for her to venture into it.


Hope aspires to be one of South Africa’s leading actresses. That should come soon enough since she understands how to maintain optimism.

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Of course, the actress didn’t pop out of nowhere. Only, she isn’t one to share and not much is known about her father. Still, it is said that she has a close relationship with him and he looks out for her as his only daughter. Hope’s mother is Sissy Dlamini.

Apart from the screen, social media is another place Hope has gathered a large enough fan base. On her Instagram account, she addressed herself as “Natural Hair Enthusiast”, “Gagasi FM Radio Personality”, and “African Margarine”. Her fashion sense is another thing many of her fans and followers like about her. She appears in pictures wearing native dresses and attire that always get positive reactions. For beauty and style, the actress is the perfect lady.

She has been on a number of television shows and on the radio. Hope Mbhele’s net worth is believed to be between $400,000 and $600,000, according to The Nation. Her main source of income is her acting career, as well as her radio career. She works in the hair industry and offers natural hair products.


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