Get to know more about Lerato Zah Moli’s husband.

Get to know more about Lerato Zah Moli’s husband.

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The gorgeous Lerato Zah Moloi is an all-rounded media personality who has put a stamp on several top media careers.

She is a fine actress who is known for playing major roles in some of the top television shows in South Africa including Tshisa, The Throne, Skeem Saam, and Muvhango, and she also dabbles as a TV host and a model.

Besides her work which is enough to put her on the map on its own, Lerato Zah Moloi’s family and relationships with prominent people have also contributed to the media attention that Lerato has received.

Here is everything about Lerato Zah Moloi’s husband, her famous family, and the details about her divorce.

Who is Lerato Zah Moloi’s husband?

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Lerato Zah Moloi’s husband, now ex-husband is Collen Mashawana, a popular Venda-born business tycoon and philanthropist.

Collen Mashawana is the founder and chairman of Afribiz Invest Pty which is the parent company of more than 16 subsidiaries. He also runs a non-profitable organization called the Collen Mashawana foundation whose main aim is to support the unemployed population in South Africa.

It is not clear when or where Lerato Zah Moloi and her ex-husband met or how long they dated before taking things to the next level.

The couple got engaged in a lavish ceremony that was attended by prominent people in South Africa including Julius Malema during Lerato’s birthday.

Despite the big engagement party, the ex-lovers’ wedding was a private affair, and details about when or where they exchanged their vows of holy matrimony have not been revealed.

Throughout their marriage, the couple displayed a “perfect marriage” image to the public and nobody thought they would break up which is why when they did they left Mzansi in shock

Lerato Zah Moloi’s divorce

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The couple called quits on their marriage in 2014 following infidelity allegations against Lerato Zah Moloi.

According to some sources, Lerato Zah Moloi had an affair with another married man although they both denied being intimate with each other.

The two were civil in their divorce and continue to co-parent their child.

Who is Lerato Zah Moloi’s husband dating?

Since finalizing their divorce, Lerato Zah Moloi has remained single (according to sources) and if at all she has dated then she has managed to keep her relationship very private.

Her ex-husband on the other hand seems to have moved on and is back in the dating pool. In 2018, it was reported that Collen Mashawana and Gladys Dlamini from Gomora, aka Thembi Seete, were an item. The two were first spotted together during Lebo Gunguluza’s wedding in Mauritius.

It is not very clear whether Thembi Seete and Collen Mashawana are still together at the moment.

Lerato Zah Moloi’s children

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Lerato Zah Moloi’s son Prince, source: Instagram

Lerato Zah Moloi has a nine-year-old son called Prince Mashawana, aka Super Mash, who considers himself “the first black child superhero.”

Super Mash became the youngest person to hold a TedX Talk where he gave a talk on the topic “Can children change the world?”

Collen Mashawana is reported to have another child with Thembi Seete called Dakalo who was born in 2018.

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