Get to know Mosebjadi from Skeem Saam.


Get to know Mosebjadi from Skeem Saam.

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Zizo Sobutyu is a South African actress who comes from Pretoria in South Africa. She is best-known for portraying character as Mosebjadi on Educational drama series, Skeem Saam.

Zizo Sobhutyu, a young actress, was born and raised in Midrand. A lot of people wonder what her real name is. The name Mosebjadi from Skeem Saam becomes a well-known name due to her acting skills.


Her date of birth is between 2005 and 2006, since she is still in Grade 11, and other information regarding her childhood is unknown. Zizo’s age is between 16 and 17 years old. As a youngster, she might be dating or not, but it’s only known to her.

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She attended primary school at Midrand, and currently she is still in high school. Sobutyu is in Grade 11 as of 2022.


Zizo Sobutyu is one of the products of Baobab Drama Academy. She became part of Dramatised Poetry Group at Brynston Parallel Medium during the National Eisteddfod of South Africa. Zizo and others received a Diploma to book themselves a spot at National Young Performer Awards in 2017. They presented a dramatised poem titled “Come with Us” Written and Directed by M.B Jokozela

In 2018, she participated in the Johannesburg Theatre Arts and Culture Festival. Anele Ngwane and Zizo Sobutyu presented a Classical Duet titled: “The Brighton Beach Memoirs” and obtained symbol (B) which is rated between 70 74%.

In January 2022, she bagged a role to act on Skeem Saam, portraying a character as Mosebjadi. Her first appearance on Skeem Saam was on the 12th of January.


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Here is what she said about her character on Skeem Saam.

“On the 12th of January, Mosebjadi was introduced to you. At that time, none of you knew much about her, but as time went on, you acknowledged that she was a victim of bullying. You witnessed her at her lowest. I’ve learned to understand Mosebjadi in order to portray her correctly.

In the process of understanding her I’ve allowed her to take full control over me to the point where I’m losing myself. I’ve gained so many insecurities within myself. Every little thing triggers me. I think I can finally say I relate so much to bullying. My character took me to places I never saw my self going to. At times I feel like breaking down and shutting the world out .

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Apart from all the tasks God has given me this tops all of them . Portraying this character has been nothing but an amazing journey , I love portraying this girl and I have fallen in love with my character.

I’ve learnt so many things from this character but the most important thing is that I’ve learnt how bullying can affect you in so many ways and how it can destroy you. Bullying shouldn’t be taken for granted.

Be kind; we all wear masks. We all portray ourselves as happy souls, but the things we go through are bigger than us. Seek God. Pray. Again, be kind. ”

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