Get to know Mthunzi from Scandal

Get to know Mthunzi from Scandal

When Bongile Mantsaid joined Scandal to play the role of Mthunzi Meyiza Scandal, fans threatened to stop watching the show if the writers continued giving him a winning streak.

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Like with any other celebrity, fans tend to focus most on the personal life of any public figure. Bongile Mantsai is no exception. Over time, his audience has become curious to know about his life when the cameras stop rolling.

Bongile manages to bag villainous characters. In light of this, fans have been left speculating that he most likely has the same character in real life. However, this is far from the truth. Mantsai is the extreme opposite of his villain characters. He is a family man who has a big heart and a passion for story-telling.

Nkululeko’s Poncho is from the Western Cape town of Stellenbosch. Because the date of birth of Bongile Mantsai is kept secret, many people hunt for it online. The actor has yet to specify when he will celebrate his birthday, leaving Bongile Mantsai’s age unknown.

The Bongile Mantsai family is very religious. His father was a bishop at St. Paul Apostolic Church, which may explain why the actor grew up in a religious family.

Bongile attended Kayamandi High School. After this, he decided to study drama and pursue an acting career. Although he had the passion, he flopped as SU only required Afrikaans, and he was not familiar with the language.

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Nonetheless, this did not demotivate him from pursuing his dream career. Instead, it only made him hungry. He made the bold move of approaching his directors and expressing his desire to act. Impressed by his passion, he was given a chance to join a physical theater consisting of language classes and body movement. The skills he obtained from these classes allowed him to perform in the university’s productions.

Mantsai has a successful acting career. He has almost 15 years of experience and has worked with some well-known people, like Lara Foot and Brett Bailey. Some of Bongile Mantsai’s films and TV shows

Bongile is a multi-talented dude. Aside from being a great performer, he also plays numerous instruments and composes theater music. He is also the artistic director of Zabalaza, a Baxter Theatre Center Development Program that produces theater in the Western Cape.

There are several theories about Bongile Mantsai and Masasa Mbongeni’s relationship. After their tight cooperation in Scandal, fans assume they are dating! But is Masasa Mbongeni’s true wife Bongile Mantsai? Regrettably, the signage does not indicate this. During the lockdown, Masasa did share a photo of herself with a man who was not Bongile. Fans immediately thought that the man in the shot was her boyfriend.

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