Get to know the wife of Clement Maosa AKA Kwaito from Skeem Saam

Get to know the wife of Clement Maosa AKA Kwaito from Skeem Saam

The coming together of two individuals from diverse backgrounds to form a union and build a new family as husband and wife is a beautiful event that should be cherished. The handsome Clement Maosa, better known as kwaito on the hit TV show Skeemsaam, tied the knot a few years ago.

Like the vast majority of his fellow citizens in this developing country, Clement Maosa hailed from humble beginnings. Kwaito faced many challenges to arrive at his current position. He worked very hard and was quite determined to succeed, and it paid off.

To many, Kwaito represents the pinnacle of acting in South Africa. Beyond his acting career, Kwaito is a devoted family man. Kemo and Clement Maosa are now husband and wife. She’s been dating him for quite some time now. Kemo has always had a soft spot for Kwaito, even before we were famous. They dated before he was renowned and successful.

Clement Maosa and Kemo welcomed a boy in October of 2019 and decided to call him Bokang Maosa. They had their wedding in Johannesburg and are now parents.

Clement Maosa, 34, was born in Limpopo. His wife, Kemo, is a local as well. They expect their son’s fourth birthday to occur in October. Clement Maosa’s happiness knows no bounds after he wed his long-time love. After achieving fame and fortune, he could have easily left his wife for someone else, but he remained faithful to his spouse.

What more could a couple desire than this one? Clement is so devoted to his beautiful wife that rumors of infidelity against him have never surfaced online.

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