Get to know Thenjiwe from The Black Door

Get to know Thenjiwe from The Black Door

Nonkululeko Mbatha is a South African actress who presently appears on The Black Door as Thenjiwe.

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She is a force to be reckoned with, bringing beauty and flair to the show. Because she is a new face on the tiny screen, many people are curious about who she is in real life.

Let us discover what piques her interest in Nonkululeko Mbatha Biography: , Career, Boyfriend, Net Worth, and The Black Door are all factors to consider.

Playing the part of a teenager suits the actress wonderfully, leaving viewers to speculate about her true age because she has never revealed data in that area. Mbatha’s age remains a mystery, proving that black does not crack. A lady never announces her age, so the public is left guessing.


Details regarding her education after matric are still under wraps and the actress is only letting her dexterities speak on her behalf. Two years after graduating from the KCAP class of 2020.

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Nonkululeko lands her debut role on the adult drama, The Black Door. As she is acting her role on Isitha now, it is without a doubt that the actress will land more roles soon.

As a result of rape, Thenjiwe unexpectedly becomes a mother, adding to her childhood scars. She builds a thick skin and demonstrates unsuitable to be loved by shutting everyone out. The actress is bringing her role to life in a way that has admirers captivated, and the masses are here to witness her unrivaled flare.

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Just like many aspects of her life, the actress’ love life is kept under wraps. She is neither flaunts her boyfriend on social media nor has she divulged details regarding her relationship status.

The actress, who is still in her prime, earns R30 000 a month from her appearances on the show. This translates to an R150 000 net worth, and it is only the beginning.

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