‘Girls with properties’: Gogo Maweni’s new house


‘Girls with properties’: Gogo Maweni’s new house

Celebrity sangoma Gogo Maweni is trending after showing off her new house in a now-viral clip on Instagram.

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Celebrity Sangoma Gogo Maweni is topping trends after she shared a video of her new house on the internet. The video has gained thousands of comments and reactions since it was posted.

With an illustrious career spanning years, Gogo Maweni has made a fortune. Over the years, she has cashed in on her practice, reality TV, and other income streams.



To cap her life of glitz and glamour, she has spent millions on some of the world’s flashiest things, from exotic cars to mansions. The bubbly star is making headlines after she showed off her new house.

She posted a video on Instagram and captioned it, “I’ve got no time for the streets…new project loading ❤️ renovating our new home Dear God and the ancestors, give us strength and continue to bless us ❤️ cc @velabahleke_the_king.”

However, Mzansi was more than convinced she had splurged millions on another house. Since her thrust into the limelight, she has been investing in real estate and has a colourful business portfolio to show for it.

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However, Gogo Maweni did not reveal where the house is located. She also revealed that she was revamping it. Rumour mill has it that she has several properties dotted around the country.

Last year, she hogged headlines when she revealed that she had bought a house she intended to demolish and rebuild as a small flat for tenants to rent. The flat is reportedly being given some final touches.

This news of the flat made rounds after it was reported that Gogo Maweni bought land in the leafy suburbs of Johannesburg, where she intends to open a lush restaurant.

In 2023, she revealed she was spreading her wings into hospitality after purchasing Land in Sandton. She bought a residential house in Sandton, which she said would be demolished to start an upscale bar and restaurant called Kwa Maweni.


However, apart from her houses, Gogo Maweni owns an impressive fleet of cars. She has blessed herself with exotic cars that cost a fortune, from Mercedes-Benzs to Ranger Rovers, now a Porsche, to cap her life of glitz and glamour.

However, Gogo Maweni reportedly owns several Mercedes-Benz models, which include:

  • Mercedes-Benz A-Class AMG
  • Mercedes-Benz CLA 200
  • Mercedes-Benz GLA 45
  • She also owns an Audi A5 and Range Rover
  • VW Golf


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