Giyani Land of Blood Season 2 will start on 1 November at 21h30


Giyani Land of Blood Season 2 will start on 1 November at 21h30

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Tsonga is one of the languages that isn’t covered on these SABC channels when it comes to dramas, soap operas, and Telenovelas. When a program aimed at Tsonga speakers was canceled, it was a sad day. When most individuals received the news, it didn’t sit well with them, and they expressed their displeasure on various social media channels.

Season 2 of Giyani Land of Blood will premiere in November on Mondays and Wednesdays at 21:30 p.m.

On SABC stations, Muvhango primarily caters to Tshivenda-speaking viewers, 7 de laan primarily caters to Afrikaans-speaking viewers, Uzalo primarily caters to Zulu-speaking viewers, Generations the Legacy is a mix, and Skeemsam primarily caters to Sepedi-speaking people. The SABC must also develop soap operas that are SABC-friendly. This is for Swati, Tswana, and Ndebele visitors. Are there any languages not mentioned here that you think should be included?

The show was supposed to premiere in August, but it appears to have been pushed out until November. The new season has piqued the interest of viewers. This is not only for Tsonga speakers; everyone can watch, even if they don’t understand the language because subtitles will be available. The good news is that the show will return to our television screens.

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