Gogo Maweni does not know what happened to her and hopes to find an explain

Gogo Maweni does not know what happened to her and hopes to find an explain

Makgotso Lee-Ann Mokopo who is popularly known as Gogo Maweni have once said that she is not afraid to bewitch someone who will try to steal her husband. The South African reality tv star and a sangoma Gogo Maweni have taken to her Instagram page and share a video of herself while seating in a river.

Gogo Maweni was seen seating in a river while admiring the beauty of the water when one of her followers asked her what is she doing in a river. The sangoma Makgotso Lee-Ann Mokopo known as Gogo Maweni has told her follower that she does not need to explain herself to her.

@boettruth: What are you doing? Are you swimming?

Dr Maweni replied: I didn’t know I needed to explain myself to you” she writes

Gogo is a South African media personality, a sangoma, a healer and a consultant. She is also a businesswoman who recently rose to fame after dating the Queen actor SK Khiza. Gogo Maweni Is popular known from her reality tv show iZangoma Zodumo. Many people has been questioning the role of Gogo Maweni as a traditional healer after noticing that she is proud of the dark side and the witchcraft.

Gogo Maweni is a sangoma that is not get bothered about what people are saying about her. Not long ago Gogo Maweni was being attacked by social media influencer Thuli Mfeka who labelled her as fake sangoma. Gogo Maweni has been criticized many times by different people and she still able to stand up.

Gogo Maweni Is known to have been married to Sabelo Magube for three years. The couple does not have kids together, but gogo Maweni have three kids outside of the marriage. Whole her husband also have one daughter outside. Gogo Maweni and her husband are one of the best couple In Mzansi.

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