Gogo Maweni starts a new story with her Mercedes

Gogo Maweni starts a new story with her Mercedes

Dr Gogo Maweni who her real names are Leean Makgotso Makopo is a South African celebrity Sangoma, reality TV star,Gobela,YouTuber and spiritual teacher. Lee comes from Johannesburg in Gauteng Province, South Africa. She currently reside in Sandton.Her date of birth is recorded as 19 August 1986, she is currently at the age of 36 as of October.

The famous Sangoma is known as feisty, go-getter and a force to be reckoned with.

On her latest post on social media Maweni uploaded a picture of her Mercedes Benz.The car is wrapped in a plastic and it looks breathtaking.Her followers couldn’t help but to send Congratulatory messages on the comments section. Some of the comments reads as follows ” Congratulations mama”.The picture was uploaded with the following caption

What are your thoughts about Gogo Maweni’s beautiful car,it looks breathtaking isn’t it? Kindly like,comment and share with other readers.

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