Gogo Maweni warns us of our men, you should be afraid

Gogo Maweni warns us of our men, you should be afraid

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Now, it is normal for one to be doubtful about the state of their marriage and we can only wonder what exactly drove Gogo Maweni to make the video she made about women who could be interested in their husband.

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It is obvious that this stems from somewhere and people are probably curious to know if Gogo Maweni was cheated on because she took to social media recently to warn women that they should play far away from her husband or it will not end well for them.

She actually made two videos about this and she made herself very clear, in the first video, she mentioned how she will not tolerate women lusting over her man.

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Again, it is not clear what is going on in Gogo Maweni’s marriage, people do not understand where all of this is coming from.

In the video, it was clear to see that the Sangoma was a bit mad about something, she just addressed the ladies and mentioned that if they do not stay away from her husband, she will have to deal with them at 00:00.

She went on to mention that, social media has made easy for her to do what she has to do and people might remember that Gogo Maweni is the same Sangoma that, supposedly dealt with actor, SK Khoza.

People suspected that she was the reason why SK Khoza was fired from his job and embarrassed himself in public.

After the incident, she assisted women to deal with their cheating boyfriends and husbands and some regard her as someone that should not be messed with.

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But coming back to this particular matter, some people noticed that the warning to women by Gogo Maweni was not a joke, it seems like she might actually do something if these ladies out here persist.

So, if you go for Gogo Maweni’s husband, as mentioned, she will quickly deal with you. Some people wanted to know why she had a problem with the women when she is certain that her husband would not cheat.

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Another thing that was pointed out is that, she was too focused on the women and said nothing about her husband. In the second video she made, she addressed this, Gogo Maweni mentioned that she is intentionally focusing on women because she knows how they are.

She said that a lot of women are jealous and would do anything to come in between her and husband, but people still could not understand why she is acting like she is threatened.

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