Gogo Skhotheni is preparing to have a second husband

Gogo Skhotheni is preparing to have a second husband


Gogo Skhotheni’s ancestors want her to take another husband. I wonder how will her husband react to the fact that she must marry another man. Gogo Skhotheni is pregnant with child number 6 from her current husband. They met in Facebook, and here months of knowing each other she got pregnant. Other kids get lobolaed after less than a year of dating. She is expecting a second baby, she already has 3 before the one on the tummy.

Just a gogo dealing with the dlozi lifestyle. Plus she’s pretty and pregnant and they want her to take a second husband cause ba re she’s a man inside but a woman outside. And now she’s dealing with the products she’s selling.

Black women with multiple successful businesses. She’s a businesswoman and a property developer, what a busy and hardworking lady. She has her hands in a lot of jars, it’s stressful considering how heavily pregnant she is and how incompetent her staff seem to be.

Her husband Monde and he does not see himself sharing Tumi with another man. If only Monde knew he was about to get a visit from Mseleku. I am happy she has someone who loves her for who she is. He is really patient with her , he is gentle and loving. It’s refreshing to see such treatment in a relationship.
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Gogo is just amazing, just love how she speaks the truth, especially about the fake sangomas who claim to dig imithi. She says everything and doesn’t hide about how witchcraft exists. #Gogoskhotheni should have been 1hr. Her life has a lot of chapters clearly and we wanna read them all. 30minutes is a rip off of MojaLoveTv. What she’s saying about Sangoma’s might be true, she’s the 3rd Gogo to say this.

We’re still gonna see witchcraft on national tv, what’s sad it that more traditional healers will be painted with the same brush when they don’t even practice witchcraft nor even know witchcraft. She has a big Yard she is even going to build a church. More followers are only interested in Indumba (small hunt). She’s very open about the work that she does. Her ndumba looks small from outside but it’s huge. She’s telling her thwasa that is she see any animal going in and out of her ndumba, they must not do or say anything.

Gogo Skhotheni always reveals the shocking news on his show. On yesterday’s episode she revealed that her ancestors wants her to marry 2 husbands. This has never happened before and it shocked many viewers last night.


She is never secretive about the things she does in her life. She says she loves her ancestral calling because it connects her with ancestors. She is beautiful and young. She is passionate about her businesses, and being one of the successful woman in South Africa.

Tumi has 5 children and she loves all of her children equally. Will she marry 2 husbands like her ancestors want? Will her current husband allow her to share her with another man? She says she needs to make her ancestors and herself happy. Viewers are definitely looking forward to see how her life unfolds every week.

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