Gogo Skhotheni launch her first TV reality show


Gogo Skhotheni launch her first TV reality show

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Gogo Skhotheni, “impande engana mona, intsiswa ya ka dlamini” as she praises herself, will be launching a brand new tv reality show.

Skhotheni who met her husband on Facebook has again took back to Facebook to say “Are you ready for keeping up with the shenges”, in their comments, Skhotheni commented with “its a movie, i definitely can’t wait”

Skhotheni says that she met her husband, Monde when he pretended to be in need of help and consultation however lied as he wanted to get to know gogo Skhotheni better on a much better level.

“Impande engena mona” has been posting pictures of her and her husband, looking all sorts of beautiful, altogether with their baby girl, who looks exactly like mommy and daddy.

“i love this man and i will always love him” Gogo Skhotheni says in the comments of a post by his husband. They flaunt each other and love each other boldly.

Monde is a hustler as he describes himself, and he earns a living through hustling, whilst Skhotheni is a sangoma and gains money from rendering services to people.

The couple is deemed parents of a girl who’s name has not yet been posted, however they are both happy about parenting and co – parenting for the betterment of their girl child.

Monde took to Facebook, on his post he said “future billionaires after posting his pictures with his dearest wife”

Personal opinion :

They both make a great couple, however Sangoma deeds are supposed to be sacred as per cultural history and nature, why they flaunt the ancestral activities? I find it wrong, they shouldn’t give us even a glimpse of sangoma related business on their new reality show or any of their social network accounts like they are already doing.

Monde didn’t finish paying lobola to Gogo Skhotheni ‘s family but they are already Intending to film reality shows, i find this disrespectful to the dlozi she’s serving and also to their families.

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