Your eyes will not see better than Gogo Skhotheni’s husband

Your eyes will not see better than Gogo Skhotheni’s husband

Gogo Skhotheni’s, Monde Shange left his fans and followers happy after he recently posted his pictures with his wife on Instagram and in Facebook. Mzansi have been loving Gogo Skhotheni and her husband after noticing that they look good and perfect for each other without asking anyone’s opinions. They are the best couple and they have proven that they are unshaken by the rumous outside.


Monde Shange is known as Tumi’s husband who is a sangoma and goes but the name of Gogo Skhotheni in the reality tv show. Fans and viewers has been wondering whether Tumi has continued with her plan of taking two husband or not.

Tumi known as Gogo Skhotheni has been trending in the past months after she revealed that her ancestors want her to be in Polygamy marriage. Gogo Skhotheni has been giving her sleepless night about the issue of taking two husband.


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Many fans and followers has been feeling sorry for Monde after noticing that Monde does not deserve what Tumi is doing to him. Apparently Tumi wanted her high school boyfriend Sbu to be her second husband. Mzansi have reacted after noticing that Sbu is the one who is going to change surname and not Tumi.

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