Gomora actress ‘Asanda’ Bukiwe Keva’s big transformation will impress you

Gomora actress ‘Asanda’ Bukiwe Keva’s big transformation will impress you

Actress Bukiwe Keva who plays the role of Asanda on Gomora has impressed her followers with the latest make-up skills and facial transformation. Famous for pretty looks, Asanda quickly becomes a fan favorite and social media celebrity due to her fashion sense and makeup skills.
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On Gomora, the Asanda character is a Gomora High School student who thrives on poking others and causing trouble. She has a cat and mouse relationship with Sibongile (Nandipa Khubone) and Tshiamo (Lerato Mokoka) and is always on the wrong side of school rules.

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Asanda fell prey to the hands of Gomora villains Brains and Sdumo who were on a sponsored mission to cause havoc in the community by kidnapping school girls. She was rescued from the jaws of the thugs by MaSonto and was thrown into the classroom. A slow learner who failed to cut the spelling bee team, she once ridiculed Sbongile whose stepfather Bongani has become a cleaner at the school.

Though she dodges bullets on Gomora, Bukiwe Keva keeps winning in real life, the Gomora role opened lucrative doors in her professional life. She recently signed a mega-deal with Renault Bryanston where she was offered to drive around in a new Renault Clio while earning around R21 000 per month.

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Bukiwe expressed her gratitude to the Renault family for the opportunity offered and for being entrusted with their brand.

It is with immense pride that I represent this sexy incredible brand. No doubt that The new Clio is the sexiest yet fast comfortable machine. Such a privilege to be part of this Family.

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After the recent Gomora episode where Asanda gave a wrong answer in an English double verbs lesson and got tossed around by Mr. Faku (Moshe Ndiki) to do “ice cream”, she went on social media and posted a hilarious response in a make-up video. Seemingly having failed to do a make-up transformation attempt, Bukiwe got a mojo and delivered the final beautiful face with top-notch make-up. Her fans were left in awe of her new look.

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