Gomora actress Thembi Seete has the happiest news tonight.

Gomora actress Thembi Seete has the happiest news tonight.

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Singer and actress Thembi Seete may be a happy and proud mom. Her son Dakalo is popping 3 today. The Gomora star took to her Instagram to celebrate her baby boy.

She posted an image of herself carrying Dakalo with a sweet caption that read: “Oh my!!!! My mokomosos, my love, the large boss Dakalo you’re turning 3 today. you’ve got the most important heart, you’re smart, sweet, and affectionate my nana. Funny, wild DK, so strong that I can’t even pick you up anymore nana. you’re growing fast. you create me happy every day DK. you create everything okay and straightforward . you create my days pleasant a day . You bring such a lot joy to all or any our lives. My heart is full …. ke kgotsofetse ka metlha”

She said Dakalo came into her life at the proper tie and also thanked him for selecting her as a mother.
“Thank you for selecting me Boom Boom as your mom. You came at the proper time! Dakalo Lewatle Laka, motho motho wa Tay Tay. Oh, Modimo o motle. O re blesitse ka Morena Ndi a ni funa nga manda vhoDakalo,” she added.
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Her fans were stunned once they learned of her pregnancy back in 2018. She had kept it a secret for a few time, speaking about her decision to stay it a secret, she told Drum Magazine then that: “In my culture, we don’t share information about the baby until it’s born. The time will come once I am able to share, except for now, let’s just say 2018 goes to be an eventful year on behalf of me .”

2 69However, she eventually revealed the great news during a lengthy Instagram post talking about her first Mother’s Day.

She wrote: “My First Mother’s Day, I Approach today with such a lot gratitude. I’m still in awe that God trusted me to hold & lookout of his masterpiece. Honestly, there couldn’t are a far better time for God to grant me the foremost precious gift of my life. #Dakalo you were well worth the wait. God truly was and he continues to be on top of things .”

When anything comes at the proper time, God ensures we are ready and PRESENT. I had to be present enough to measure in every moment with you. From carrying you for 9 months to parturition and watching you grow into your own person & learning who God has created you to get on a day to day . I’ve learned that there are delicate blessings planted in every moment and as a mother, you can’t afford to miss such precious moments. this is often truly the simplest TIME OF MY LIFE.”