Gomora: Don is a pandemic he’s dangerous to even to his family

Gomora: Don is a pandemic he’s dangerous to even to his family

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Zodwa has portrayed being the mother instead of being a definition of a stepmother towards Sibongile. She cares for her like her own child which is good to see and might help erase the stigma of stepmother. However, Bongani seems to be the description of a stepfather. When he wasn’t staying with Teddy and Sibongile he seemed to be all perfect, even though nobody is perfect but he seemed loving towards them. But with him staying with them his true colors are starting to show up.

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Has he always been like this or he wants to force discipline on someone’s children? The character of Bongani on the telenovela has taken a twist in the past few days. Bongani has never shown his family and children as he always claims to have his own family. He has portrayed being loving towards Teddy and Sibongile and showed how much he cared and supported their family. Was it all a way of luring them into liking him? Are these the true colors of Bongani? Or is he taking out his frustrations on the wrong people?

Sometimes some people are good to keep them far from your personal space or your children. Bongani has shown the other side that none of them expected of him. Whom will Zodwa choose between Bongani and Don? At this stage, Don seems to be better than Bongani as he cared more about his children. Does this mean Bongani only cared for the children so that they could love and welcome him but turn on them while they aren’t expecting him?

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The writers and producers of Gomora are showing Zodwa being stuck between the rock and the hard place.Being a single mother comes in handy as she have children to take care off and she chose what seems legit and trustworthy in her eyes. She didn’t know that Bongani have his weakness too.Whom will Zodwa choose?