Gomora: Don’s character has become boring to viewers

Gomora: Don’s character has become boring to viewers


Don is a character on Gomora portrayed by Israel Matseke Zulu. When the character was introduced to the show Don was a man who came looking for his boy child Teddy. Don wanted to fix the broken relationship he had with his son. However he had money problems, Don didn’t work and lived in his car. Teddy immediately was fond of his father and wanted to have a relationship with him. Teddy stole groceries for him and money.
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Don used Teddy so he could get a roof over his head. It was in the later stage that Don’s daughter Sbongile came to live with him and Teddy and Zodwa in the shack. Out of pressure to provide for his family Don began the life of crime. Don has become a notorious gangster who high jack cars for a living. He has taken over from Mam Sonto.

The public complained at first that the Don character was a bit too soft for Israel. This is because the actor is never a good guy on television dramas and soapies or even in movies. It seemed as if the character didn’t fit for Israel. However it was building up to what it is today. Ever since Don became the Godfather of his gang he’s been a ruthless gangster and terrorising people. Don has been terrorising mam Sonto’s children and Zodwa’s boyfriend Bongane.

The viewers of the show have started complaining about the character being a nuisance, infect people want Don removed from the show forgetting they were the ones who wanted more from the character. Although Don is a parasite and feeds of people. The latest storyline however is unrealistic. Don behaves like a hobo moving from one place to the next without securing a house of his own. Don now lives with Ntokozo and his mother after he was kicked out at Mam Sonto’s house.

The storyline has become too much for people to bare: