Gomora fans feel that Mohato will be gone very soon


Gomora fans feel that Mohato will be gone very soon #GomoraMzanzi

 actor Ernest Msibi

Fans of Gomora were left hanging on Friday after they watched Thati shoot the greedy Mohato twice but were hoping he would survive, and were heartbroken on Monday when Mohato died on Thati’s lap.

Mohato aka MyLord (played by veteran actor Ernest Msibi) entered Gomora with a bang and immediately had fans hooked on his character together with his unique kasi lingo and his ‘never-die’ gangster attitude. As fans need to see the Mohato the uncle, Mohato the brother to Gladys, and Mohato the hilarious school watchman, they fell crazy with the guy.

However, whilst they fell crazy with him, Mohato’s fans knew that he was as greedy as they are available and once they heard he decide to steal Sonto’s money after their “regional” carjacking job, they knew that it wasn’t getting to end well.

One tweep did predict that it’ll end in tears, and indeed it did.

After having a stand-off with guns pointed at one another, Thati finally gathered up enough courage to shoot Mohato. However, even after viewers saw this go down, they weren’t anticipating that the guy would die, but he did.

Gomora fans feel that Mohato will be gone very soon
My heart refuses to believe that Mohato is really gone

Not only are they still in denial but they really can’t understand why Gomora had to abandon of that character so quickly. Most fans agree that Mohato brought the required spice to the story and that they feel he still had tons more to supply.

“I can’t believe Mohato the Brigade aka MyLord is gone. I mean, he just came mos,” one tweep said.

Here are the opposite reactions: