Gomora Mzansi: Gladys got a call which left her in shock.


Gomora Mzansi: Gladys got a call which left her in shock.

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Gladys gets Ntokozo up ahead of schedule as she is stressed that Mr Dlamini didn’t return home final evening and his telephone is off. Ntokozo appear to be messing with the circumstance very as he might suspect mr Dlamini may be out some place with his companion and his battery most likely bite the dust. As Gladys and Ntokozo are going to go all over town to look for Melusi, Gladys got a call which left her in shock.

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The call was from the clinic, obviously Melusi was assaulted right external the school yard and got harmed. The aggressors appear to have an intention since they took nothing from him except for just broke his lower leg.

Sbongile discloses to Her mom Zodwa how Sdomo has went vicious and begun shootings heedlessly. Zodwa cautions Sbongile concerning how young men can demolish your life at an extremely youthful age, as she doesn’t need her to wind up like her. Teddy requests to go with Sbongile at school since he is disregarding his mother after an episode that occurred at Gladys’ home. Cash was taken from Gladys’ wallet and she blamed Zodwa for taking and from there on terminated her.

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Buhle gains from online media that Principal Dlamini was assaulted final evening. Thati is stressed over Melusi’s condition and proposed they should go visit him at the emergency clinic.

Zodwa visits Gladys and she continue to enlighten her concerning how she is honest and need her occupation back. A gathering at Sonto’s tarven , local area get together to cut down Sdumo and his companions.

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The Zodwa experience in #GomoraMzanzi is a particularly excruciating encounter. Also this woman at the school may simply give her expectation Please try to remain kind to individuals, some are going through the most and little consideration can mend them through their difficulties.

Thati’s new sweetheart Was the person who sent sdumo to assault MR Dlamini . The specialist and melusi share a shared adversary.


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