Gomora: Ntokozo caught melusi lona and only heard conversation finally

Gomora: Ntokozo caught Melusi Lona and only heard conversation finally

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Gomora is one of the greatest telenovela that is loved and is always trending right now on television and it is loved by many people.
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It started playing last year and it is currently on season two at the moment and they are still going strong.

Season two came in with many great episodes and she and they are still bringing in the fire.
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Melusi has rekindled his love with Thati and they have also been going to secret locations together to Spend time with each other.

Melusi had to stop the affair he has been having with Thati when he learned that Glady is pregnant.

In this week’s episode, Ntokozo found out that his father who is Melusi has been having an affair with Thati and it obviously won’t sit well with him.
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As his mother is expecting and this was supposed to be their most happy time as she is pregnant but Melusi is just now choosing to be with her because of the baby, where else his heart is still longing for Thati.