Gomora: Ntokozo is fixing the country. A new show loading.

Ntokozo is fixing the country. A new show loading.

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The drama called Gomora on Mzanzi magic might be the new kid on the block but it has started to capture many hearts of television lovers who enjoy the best entertainment on their screens, which has turned out to be the factor that most people have been enjoying to watch all these years.

This drama started during the beginning of the lockdown in the country where many people were having problems of not going to work, and they got more time to watch the drama at home because they had all the time that they need so that they can enjoy the drama.

The drama begins when Ntokozo was killing the man that turns out to be the problem for the family this days because his wife is causing havoc we’re he has fallen in love with his father, and this makes her the problem because she is about to separate the only family that he has and is not going well.

Most people on the social media platforms are so happy to see this happening on the television screens, where Ntokozo has to turn out to be the talk of many households with his naughty attitude that he shows in the drama which has attracted many people to watch it every day.

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The entertainment does not stop in the drama because the bad guys are always looking to cause problems for innocent people which makes it difficult, because their past is always haunting them every time they have committed a crime on the street of Gomora these days.

How will Melusi handles the pressure that he gets from his son because the boy attitude is very disturbing where he can put the lives of many people under pressure, by always causing havoc for his family whenever he tries to make new things ingo his life or trying to defend those that he loves.