Gomoramzansi: Don breaks Zodwa’s heart again.

Gomoramzansi: Don breaks Zodwa’s heart again.

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Zodwa does not know what her heart wnats until Bongani asked her to choose who she wants because him and Don. Zodwa tells Bongani that her feelings want Don but she still cares about Bongani. I mean Zodwa is really blinded by love.

Zodwa cannot be trusted, all this time she used Bongani to live a soft life, now that Don is back she leaves Bongani like nothing happened between them. Bongani truly deserves a nice women who will love him unconditionally, even if he gets back to his wife it is not such a bad idea.

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In my opinion i think Zodwa did not think her decision straight, because Don is about to get into deep trouble in Gomora. Other criminals will look for him at Zodwa’s house with guns, will they feel safe…no they definitely won’t. Zodwa will call Bongani and he will be no where to be found.