Gospel singer Lusanda Mcinga needs support and help

Gospel singer Lusanda Mcinga needs support and help

Multi-award-winning gospel singer Lusanda Mcinga says 2021 was her toughest year due to ill health and not receiving any bookings, she has kids who must support her just like we do our parents and by the way, we face sicknesses at our homes and poverty but we march on, I love her music and love her but I will never donate.


The only problem I have is when we are in financial trouble as ordinary people who help us, if I lose my job do you think Maphorisa can send me some funds? When they got the money we don’t see them donating to the poor, but when they run out of cash they don’t want to live a poor life with poor peopleCan someone please remind her that she may qualify for R350 let her try her luck with Sassa because things are bad for most of us she just has to find a way to get out of this situation, how about her colleagues in the music industry help her out?

Artists must learn to save, they are people who have been poor their entire life but you will never see them on the media begging for mercy, she is crying only for a single year.


All these celebrities who tend to think we owe them a fortune when they are broke must stop that because when things are still going their way you will never see them, and some don’t even reply to our comments one thing they must know is that we don’t owe them a bit

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