Gucci Lady drowns DJ Maphorisa with thousands of money

Gucci Lady drowns DJ Maphorisa with thousands of money

A lady has been trending on social media recently because of what she was spotted doing in a video that was posted by entertainment communicator Musa Khawula. People were calling the lady ‘Gucci Lady’. In this video we see Gucci Lady holding a stack of money and looking like she was putting money on top of the DJ set while DJ Maphorisa was busy DJing. Clearly, we could see that this was a lot of money, as it was all over the DJ set and also some she held on her hands.

Some people on social media however were asking themselves who Gucci Lady was, as they seem to have never heard about her before. This was the first time for some people seeing her and surely after this video trended on social media a number of people will now know who she is.

People on social media were shocked after seeing this video as they were surely wondering where Gucci Lady got this money.

Some people were also feeling that this was all an act and this was not this lady’s money. However others were concerned that there was a number of people in this event and there could have been criminals here who would have probably mugged her.

Other people were however also concerned that this lady is not spending her money wisely and would probably end up in the show called ‘I blew it’. This show people were talking about is a reality TV show where people who had lots of money ended up spending all their money in an irresponsible way.

Here are some of the comments that people on social media made after seeing this video of this lady allegedly tipping DJ Maphorisa.

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