Our Perfect Wedding: Gugu and Cyprian Mkhize’s traditional wedding in pictures.


Our Perfect Wedding: Gugu and Cyprian Mkhize’s traditional wedding in pictures.


Our Perfect Wedding has been hosted by many women and every single one of them has left their stamp on it in one way or another. Lebogang Tlokana aka the Funny Chef is a new addition after Khanyisa Titus lefts the show.
Her second week on the job ended up being funny

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Lebogang was taken all the way to Isipingo in Durban for a union amongst an older couple who had been together for 35 years. However, soon they were not focus of the episode. Lebogang is of Sotho origin and was struggling to speak the native tongue of the couple.

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The couple and their family wholly embraced her valiant attempt to speak and it was commendable to me. They didn’t judge her efforts and instead would laugh and assure her she was doing a good job. Its was smiles all around.

Social Media Responses
Social media however was a different story all together. It became a tribalism war over the timeline targeting Zulu speakers and previous hosts.
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Lebogang herself wrote, “Ketlo bolaya ke SeZulu Bathong 😭(I’m going to kill the Zulu language, my goodness) #OurPerfectWedding” laughing at herself while the show aired.

But one user took it another direction writing, “Our perfect wedding presenters should be an all round in terms of language. I’m not enjoying this presenter but shes good on her funny chef thangs. #OurPerfectWedding”

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Personal Thoughts
I think that it’s easy for things to always get ugly where language is concerned. It’s always personal but when it comes to this show it really doesn’t have to be. I’m sure Lebogang will improve in due time and that as long as she tries, no one will be offended that deeply. I’m sure the producers chose her knowing very well which languages she could speak. It couldn’t have been an accident. The funny chef must be given a fair chance and I hope she succeeds

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