Gumbi’s second wife is over 10 years younger than him.

Gumbi’s second wife is over 10 years younger than him.


Lucky Gumbi is the new polygamist in town and lives happily with his two wives, Bayede 30, and Nombuso Gumbi, 24.
The mate created headlines in December 2018 once he splashed R4million on his second wedding to Nombuso.

Their reality show premiered on SABC one Gregorian calendar month seven at 18h00. The show is therefore fashionable such a lot so it’s obtaining a median of one.7 million viewers per episode, creating it the highest-rated reality show in keeping with the subject.

However, it’s definitely clear that Lucky Gumbi does not get in conjunction with the opposite celebrity mate liliopsid genus Mseleku as they each changed some heated words.

Mzansi has already welcome a family that practices matrimony and created their reality show one in all Mzansi’s favorite. Uthando Nes’thembu follows the lives of liliopsid genus Mseleku and his four wives MaKhumalo, MaYeni, MaNgwabe, MaCele, and their kids.

The new peace officer in city created many comments regarding the favored Mzansi Magic show and liliopsid genus Mseleku isn’t too happy by his words. Gumbi took to a awfully fashionable publication, Daily Sun , to say that Uthando Nes’thembu doesn’t clearly show what matrimony is regarding. He same folks can get to re-learn what true matrimony is regarding.

“I’m responsive to the opposite reality show on TV regarding matrimony. With The Gumbis, folks can get to visualize verity which means of matrimony. In my matrimony there are not any fights as I treat them equally. The older married woman doesn’t management Pine Tree State or the second married woman,” he told Daily Sun.

These words ruffled Musa’s feathers and issued out a stern warning to Gumbi to not interpose into his family’s affairs. Mseleku says he created matrimony trend and same Gumbi shouldn’t compare his family to his. Gumbi additionally bragged regarding his wives not fighting and Mseleku found that worrying as his wives bicker from time to time.

“I don’t grasp this Gumbi and I’m certain he doesn’t grasp Pine Tree State, either. He should stop meddling in my house affairs. He has no right to match his matrimony with mine. If something, I’m the champion of matrimony and created the construct of isithembu a trend.”

He more same that had he not start Associate in Nursingd created matrimony an accepted act in society, folks like Gumbi would still be activity in shame. “Talk is reasonable. He has to sit and take notes from Pine Tree State.”

“I don’t have any doubt, had I not start, many of us as well as him would still be shamefaced of it. My wives square measure vocal, have their own opinions and do challenge Pine Tree State typically. this will be attributed to the very fact that they’re sure-fire and freelance. I failed to use any love beverage or muthi to shut them up which is why they’re free,” he announced.

Musa then reiterated that his show is as real because it gets and isn’t scripted .

“My wives square measure real folks with emotions and brains. That’s why they get angry typically. The show isn’t scripted and is bestowed as raw because it is.”