Happy Birthday Ayanda Borotho, She Turns 40

Happy Birthday Ayanda Borotho, She Turns 40

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Former model and South African actress Ayanda Borotho best known for her role in Nomzamo turn 40 today.

Born on 13 January 1981 within the township of Ntuzuma near the town of Durban Ayanda Borotho, attended Brettonwood highschool in Umbilo, Durban where qualified in speech and drama.
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Her acting career began in 1999 when she played the role of babysitting schoolgirl Thami within the serial, Generations. In 2007, when Ayanda Borotho replaced Zinzile Zungu as Nomzamo within the sitcom Nomzamo, she established her popularity.

In 2009, Ayanda played the bit part within the drama series Home Affairs and in 2013 Ayanda was cast as Phumelele on Mzansi Magic’s telenovela Isibaya. Ayanda starred as Khethiwe during a South African television drama series, Ambitions, in 2018.

As she celebrates her birthday today, let’s discover what Ayanda Borotho has been up to the past year.

When she was heartbroken over the death of her friend

Ayanda Borotho
Television actress Ayanda Borotho on Instagram recently came forward to precise the deep loss she feels on her friend, Sbahle’s death.

One of Ayanda Borotho’s Instagram posts on the subject read:

“How you left has broken me. Indeed you were tired but being robbed of your light may be a true crime. I pray you to discover peace my F (as you so affectionately called me). Had I known that the last text you sent the morning of the afternoon you passed was your last, I’ll have done better. I even have consoled myself with the knowledge that you simply tried to flee, albeit love kept taking you back. then it finally took you. Go Sbahle, the lookout for your last born. She couldn’t be without her mommy.”

When she raised a hue and cry on social media over Afrikaans

Ayanda is married to a doctor and that they have three children. pleased with her African heritage, she has ensured that in her household she features a strict “No English Policy”. Her children speak Zulu and Sotho reception.

But recently, Isibaya actress Ayanda Borotho has begun an intense discussion over the difficulty of Afrikaans language controlling schools within the country. She has taken to Instagram after her children failed a whole term because they failed Afrikaans as a second language at college.

When she enthused about her role in Isibaya

Ayanda Borotho has shared together with her fans how she feels about her character Phumelele on Isibaya. She is especially thrilled about her relationship with Fenyang within the show, who is played by the talented Aubry Poo.

When she penned a tear-jerking tribute for her co-star

Ayanda Borotho wrote a warm acknowledgment when her brilliant co-actor Muzi Mthabela, who left the show, Isibaya recently.

Muzi’s exit from Isibaya was an unhappy moment for fans of the show.