Happy Father’s Day: X users react to Musa Mthombeni’s doll photo


Happy Father’s Day: X users react to Musa Mthombeni’s doll photo

‘He wants a baby,’ said X users after Liesl Laurie’s husband, Dr Musa Mthombeni shared a photo of himself holding a doll.

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South Africans wished Dr Musa Mthombeni a “Happy Father’s Day” after he shared a photo of himself holding a doll.


The TV personality Dr Musa Mthombeni took to his Instagram to confirm that he isn’t soft launching anything.


He captioned his post: “Baby sitting is a lot of hard work shame. I haven’t even gotten a chance to get a drink. I’ve been screaming “yeyi” and “stop it” all afternoon.
These people won’t even pay me. Hai shame. This is a tough job. It’s a no from me!”

“Also, this isn’t a soft launch. No need to congratulate. I’ll need all those congratulations in the future when I win the Powerball. For now, enjoy the LOLs and HAHAHAs.”

X users however wished Mthombeni a “Happy Father’s Day” while some revealed he wants a baby after posting a photo of himself with the doll.

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IOL reports that Mthombeni and his wife, former Miss South Africa Liesl Laurie-Mthombeni are parents to an adorable fur baby, Cashew Mthombeni.

The pair previously announced on their social media accounts that they have adopted a Staffordshire bull terrier puppy.


@DominicISX: “Shame this guy really wants kids but standards are saying otherwise.”

@leratokeitumet2: “She might be pregnant. I don’t think he can do this knowing how fans drag his wife. He loves that woman enough to add petrol into the fire!”

@__ThapeloM: “I knew this day would come that he wants a baby.”

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@BlackAn65843366: ‘Ag shame, signs say a lot, unfortunately they get ignored by most.”

@Bongani_Wale: “This picture was so deliberate. He wanted people to talk. They have been blue ticking him and his wife for some time now.”


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