Harriet Khoza And Hector were caught in a romantic moment


Harriet Khoza And Hector were caught in a romantic moment

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Mzansi could not be happier after seeing today’s episode which caught everyone off gut. Karabo and Tau have reunited. Remember Kara no Moroka and Tau Mogale in old Generations, how they have fought so hard to be husband and wife in Generations? Both actors are in The Queen and they are now in a relationship and now mzansi cannot help but gush. Karabo Moroka and Taus were one time couple in Generations that took mzansi by storm.\

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The relationship between Hector and Harriet Khoza seems to be hoping strong and strong again. The Queen actress Harriet Khoza was caught kissing the actor Hector Sebata. The sad part is that the two have a history that even today they are hunting both families.

It’s sad that the couple has finally gotten out in public about their relationship. They have been hiding their relationship for many months. The Queen actress Connie Ferguson who is popularly known as Harriet Khoza in the show rolling is in a relationship with Actor Hector whose real name is Rapulane. The actor does not seem to be backing down.

The couple is going to do a massive explosion in The Queen. One word coming from Harried everyone should start to look after themselves. She did mention last week that she no longer cares what Brutus will think. His time has expired and soon Harried Khoza will do a massive party.


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Those who love The Queen should just keep watching as there will be a more drama. In this week episodes it seems like Brusus will be left homeless. Harriet Khoza has gang-related with a Hector which will make it difficult for him to operate under his savings. In the video which is currently circulating we can see that Harriet is in charge of her life. Brutus cannot be living in the same room. We all know that Brutus hates Hector with all his heart.

If you love The Queen make sure you don’t miss any episodes as it’s going to be lit and heat.

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