Have faith Season 4 with Faith Nketsi is on the way

Have faith Season 4 with Faith Nketsi is on the way

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After three successful seasons of the popular reality television series, Have Faith, MTV has once again decided to renew the show for a fourth season. The new season’s trailer has been released by the channel and already gives viewers a glimpse into the life of pro-twerker and influencer turned businesswoman, Faith Nketsi – promises to reveal the most intimate parts of each cast member’s life including an exclusive insight into Faith’s love life and the journey to marriage, her mental health journey as well along with her relationship with her mother as she continues to build her empire
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As South Africa’s first female social media influencer to have her reality show on MTV Africa, Faith Nketsi continues to share intimate moments of her relationships and business ventures in the reality series Have Faith. Apart from growing her beauty empire, titled Fè Beauty, in S3, as well as finding love, she is now grown and coming into being a wife. She also navigates her complicated friendships with her bestie Kim Kholiwe and her assistant Andzelo Tivani, who also juggle their fair share of personal drama this season.

The fourth season of Have Faith is set to premiere on MTV Africa on the 15th of August at 21:30 and in the first trailer, viewers are let into the planning of Faith’s wedding. We get to see the whole lobola negotiations process, Faith has second thoughts and doubts about getting married while speaking to her best friend Kim. She cries to Kim stating that she is scared and that she believes she needs counseling before deciding to go ahead with marrying her husband Nzuzo Njilo at the time of filming.

Faith’s mother Linky Mamogale Modise also makes an appearance in the first trailer, highly against her daughter getting married as she believed that it was too soon. Faith’s mother is heard exclaiming, “She is still young to get married, and she also has a few psychological problems.”

Faith spoke to the media about the show, Queen Twerk as she is popularly known, said that viewers can expect to see a whole lot of drama in the new season.
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“You can expect to see a lot of drama and people opening up a lot more about their lives. Kim is definitely back by full force after being very distant in the last season. Now we’ll be getting to see her trying to figure herself out,” she said before adding that there would also be a lot of change in her relationships with her loved ones.

“Andzelo still has problems with his family but you’ll also see our business dynamic and how it works out. There’s a lot of sad moments and a lot of disagreements between him and I and a lot of change when it comes to our relationships.”

Another thing she thinks viewers will get to enjoy this season is how her mother as well as Andzelo’s mother try to get back into the dating game.
“Our mothers are single and very ready to mingle and this isn’t really comfortable for Andzelo and I, so you’ll get to see how we handle all of that.”
The Fe’ Beauty founder who recently made headlines after her mystery man surprised her with a brand new Range Rover for their anniversary says that she’s excited to be showing a glimpse of her love life this season.

In the previous two seasons, Kim and Faith’s brother, Kabelo got to share their past traumas. This is an important conversation that Faith believes should be had more often.

“I feel that having conversations about past traumas is so important because even though we are all together, we do have different stories and viewers can relate to at least one person on the show. For example, when Kim came out with her story, a lot of people could relate to that and others could relate to Kabelo as well.”
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Although Faith says shooting a reality show was a bit uncomfortable for her when she started, she now enjoys the process a lot – especially seeing how everything comes together and watching the show.
“Even though it can get overwhelming to have cameras follow you around, it’s everything I’ve ever wanted and I hope my supporters get to enjoy the show as much as I do,” she concluded.

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