Have you met Khaya Mthethwa’s beautiful ex-wife?

Have you met Khaya Mthethwa’s beautiful ex-wife?

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Butterflies are one of the most beautiful animals ever. They bring life everywhere they go, that’s why they come out doing spring. Associating yourself with it means great strength because it starts small and grows up to be very beautiful.

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Ntando Kunene is a model and former Miss SA winner. She is now an author, entrepreneur, teacher, education activist, and MBA activist. Her book Cory in the universe, which is all eleven official languages. She even had the opportunity of meeting Steve Harvey and his wife. Which is good exposure.

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She shared a beautiful picture of herself. The picture gives a clear picture as to why she was once a Miss SA winner. She captioned it “Just a girl growing wings” ~ Butterflies rising #CountdownToTomorrow 💚”. Knowing her journey, she is definitely blooming like a butterfly. Her fans couldn’t stop complimenting her. We are waiting to see her next step in life.