Have you seen Khanyi’s age gap on Kudzai?


Have you seen Khanyi’s age gap on Kudzai?

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Khanyi Mbau and her international bae Kudzai Mushonga have been giving us chest pains with their hot steamy Dubai love. But wait. Did Khanyi just admit that she is with him for his money?


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The actress has been under a lot of scrutiny for her relationship with Kudzai. There have been many questions raised, especially considering that she is at least five years older than he is, and that he is allegedly a Zimbabwean fugitive.

But one thing is for sure: Kudzai is filthy rich. He is known foremost as a businessman, and his lifestyle tells you all you need to know about his net worth. The high living in Dubai, in and out of fancy, expensive hotels, the parties … Do we need to say more? Now Khanyi has joined a conversation on Twitter that has us wondering whether she is with him purely for his money.

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A random social media user recently Tweeted suggesting that it is unwise to prioritize having a boyfriend for the “love and feelings” over having a man with money who bankrolls you. She said that a mature person would choose a monied man — and Khanyi agreed, saying that must mean she has always been mature.

The suggestion here is that she, a mature woman, would choose a sugar daddy over a boyfriend any day. And since she has a man, with whom she just celebrated a one year anniversary, we have to wonder, was she referring to him? Is Kudzai her sugar daddy? Does that mean she is only with him for his money?

Perhaps Khanyi is just leaning into the title she has been given: the queen of gold diggers. Kudzai is not the first wealthy man she has dated; in fact, all her known exes (since she became famous) were rich when she dated them. From the older white guy Theunis Crous, to her baby daddy Mandla Mthembu, and to Tebogo “Edward Billion” Lerole, who she was with for a decade.

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From her relationship history, it would seem that her type is “rich”, and sis, we are not even complaining. Get your bag, okay!

Khanyi also recently shared the great advice she shares with her teenage daughter Cannes. She teaches her to love her body exactly as she is, as she is perfect already. Even though she has chosen skin lightening for herself, she would not want her daughter to think it’s because there’s anything wrong with being darker skinned, which Cannes is.

We love to see how she builds up and stands up for her daughter, and their relationship is what all mother-daughter relationships should aspire to be.
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