He’s challenging us now: Nobody can stop Rasta


He’s challenging us now: Nobody can stop Rasta

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Rasta never seems to understand the impact his pictures make on the public he never is really ecstatic to draw them, that’s why he always draws something totally different looking than the true artist he is drawing. There is a post trending on Twitter social media where there is a picture of Rasta the drawer is holding a piece of drawing that he did. In the picture, it is really confusing to see who he is really drawing but it looks more like Ricky Rick but yet fans also see, Sizwe In the drawing that rasta conducted.

Rasta only gets noticed by drawing such pictures where the person he has drawn looks nothing like the image he spent energy on. The picture was posters on Twitter here is the piece that he posted on Twitter and has been trending.

Fan have been saying that Rasta has no respect for the fallen artists and he cannot pay tribute to them by a picture in which that looks nothing like them. Does Rasta even know how to draw or he just enjoy drawing pictures of people that never look like the real person.

Ricky Rick is an icon and he deserves to be treated with respect not many knew what he was going through but whatever it was led him to take his own life. It’s heartbreaking but then at-least someone better than Rasta drew a much better picture that him here is the picture from twitter.

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Ot is a very nice one and better than the one Rasta drew.

After the post on twitter some few comments and people talking about the drawings, here are the screenshots of the comments from twitter.

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