Jabulani Tsambo’s family erected a gravestone at HHP’s final resting place.

Jabulani Tsambo’s family erected a gravestone at HHP’s final resting place.

Mzansi is extremely appreciative to Jabulani Tsambo’s family for erecting a gravestone at HHP’s final resting place. Mzansi has always wondered, given HHP’s notoriety as a rapper in the country, why there isn’t a tombstone for him at his burial site. The funeral for HHP took place in 2018.

Many people have shared photos of the tombstone of HHP online. After four long years, Mzansi finally saw a tombstone in the HHP cemetery. It was brought to Mzansi’s attention that HHP’s wife, Lerato Sengadi, was left out of the tributes.

HHP, a true hip hop legend from South Africa, passed away last year. HHP and his wife Lerato Sengadi tied the knot in a traditional ceremony in 2016. Since HHP’s death, his wife, Lerato Sengadi, and his family have become distant from one another. It is customary for a family to accuse the son’s spouse of being at fault for his death.

Lerato Sengadi has determined that her in-laws are unpleasant people because they did not invite her to the ceremony to reveal the tombstone for her husband. Lerato Sengadi’s tweets have made public the treatment she and her family have received at the hands of HHP’s kin in the wake of his death. She went on to express her surprise at learning that Leona, HHP’s son, had delivered a speech at the event.

Relations between the two families grew acrimonious after HHP’s death. Despite the recent death of Lerato’s husband, she was not involved in any of the burial preparations. HHP was accused by his wife of not knowing who his legal wife was, and she said that the two of them had been fighting. Lobola has been paid to Lerato Sengadi by HHP as of the current (as of 2016) year, and a wedding ceremony has taken place.

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