hifelimbiluu returns forcefully to events through Vhangani’s seduction

hifelimbiluu returns forcefully to events through Vhangani’s seduction

Her storylines are interesting and they take turns very quickly.

The character is layered and very controversial. Thifeli always gets into trouble from her curiosity and her unfounded accusations against the Royal family.

Recently she returned to our screens to start trouble again at the Royals again. This got her into so much trouble and she ended up doing her community service at the Vha-Kwevho palace but that was just the beginning for Thifeli.

She started coming after Vhangani for more information on what she was accusing the Royals of,which is killing kids in the village to turn their body parts into Muthi.

Things have been escalating out of control since she arrived at the Royal house. Last week she was attacked by Tokloshes while she was sleeping and that had hilarious results.

Thifeli woke up black and blue from the beating she got from the little creatures.

She has been chasing Vhangani everywhere trying to get him to reveal where the Royals are keeping the children,and she even used Muthi on him.

The Muthi didn’t work on Vhangani and instead Thifhe started burning in places that we can not mention here. Seeing that that plan failed she implemented plan C, and that plan is to seduce Vhangani.

On Wednesday, Vhangani opened the door to his home to find Thifeli spread across his bed in a red silky lingerie.

Vhangi was so confused and lost and then Thifeli pretended to fall around Vhangani so that he could hold her.

Viewers have been eating this story up since Thifeli came back. The fact that her storyline has a funny side even though is touches on black magic and the Witchcraft which she is performing on a daily basis in her quest to win Vhangani over, is refreshing. Her attempts always backfire and end with hilarious consequences.

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