HODurban’s Nonku Williams and Jojo Robinson address “fake friendship” allegations

HODurban’s Nonku Williams and Jojo Robinson address “fake friendship” allegations

The Real Housewives of Durban season three is a season that keeps giving with each and every episode. Currently, we are four episodes in and each and every episode continues to have think pieces written and created on it. More so about how the original cast members have changed from season one to the current season.

One friendship in particular that has many wondering if it is real or not is that of season one original housewife Nonku Williams with season two casted housewife Jojo Robinson. This is as in their first season together, the two could not stand each other as Jojo was part of the cast members that believed that Nonku had a little drinking problem.

But with Nonku admitting the fact and seemingly taking control of her drinking habits in the current season, it seems a friendship has formed between the two. A friendship which has been questioned by the public. But Nonku has set the record straight.

In the latest episode of the Real Housewives of Durban, Nonku and Jojo teamed up to confront Slee over some of the things she has said in the last three episodes before the current one. Jojo wanted to confront Slee over whether it was her or her husband Calvin who initiated the conversation about “hooking up” Slee as she is single.

Nonku on the other hand wanted to confront Slee over what she heard her say about her new relationship with Dumisani “Tinder Swindler” Ndlanzi. This is as Nonku believes that Slee seemed to suggest that her relationship with her “gangster” boyfriend will not last.

Viewers watching the episode suggested that Nonku and Jojo’s friendship is questionable as it seems that it is based on being mean girls towards the new arrivals on the cast.

But Nonku made it clear that she is not fazed as she took to her Instagram stories to label Jojo as her “white best friend.”

Jojo on the other hand has remained adamant that she is not bothered by the continued backlash she has received this season. This is because just the last episode, Annie was ready to confront Jojo for not standing up for her against polarising addition Sanelisiwe “Sane the Chef” Bhengu.

Now, Jojo has made it clear that she will use the engagement she is getting on her social media accounts to promote the work she is doing renovating her mansion.

Moreover, she then addressed the matter head-on once and for all by making it clear that she is not concerned about the events of the show. Instead, her worry is the looming nuclear war, which she believes that no one is taking seriously despite the long-reaching implications should the looming war actually take place.

Given that we are just four episodes in, it will be interesting to see whether Jojo will continue to be the site of contention for many viewers as she seems to be reverting to the same behavior that resulted in her spilling a drink on Mabusi Seme. Moreover, whether their friendship will stand the test of the entire season.

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