House of Zwide Actress Sikelwa leaves the show.

House of Zwide Actress Sikelwa leaves the show.

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Because her mother worked for a highly giving family, Namitha may have started as a young woman in Dublin. But circumstances at home changed, leaving her on her own. She had wanted to get the designer position so she could support her family, but yesterday her hopes were dashed. She attempted to talk to Funani at the Zwide mansion after the show but instead encountered Faith and sobbed bitterly.

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But Faith assured Nambitha that the clothing company would look after its own. She vowed to hunt for work for her with other fashion businesses and not to leave her out. Nambitha was even more devastated by this because she had intended to work for the powerful Funani Zwide. However, it appears that opportunity has passed for the time being since Funani is preoccupied with his problems. It has not yet been made known if this is Namitha’s final appearance.

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Many fans have been curious about the actress who plays Nambitha’s salary since hearing that she was passed up for the position. The pay that soap operas provide their actors per scene and episode has been known to leak. According to this report, the actress receives a net income ranging from R30 000 to R40 000 each month, depending on how many scenes she appears in.

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Sikelelwa may be well-known to many TV viewers because of her lead role in Traffic, where she played the street child Zen. She made significant professional advancements because she later played Thando, one of the lead characters in Hope, which aired on Moja Love.

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