House of Zwide – Ghosts from The Past [watch]

House of Zwide – Ghosts from The Past [watch]

In the heart of the Zwide mansion, a family grapples with spiritual unrest triggered by unsettling dreams and hidden secrets.

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Funani’s nightmare sets off a chain of events as he brings Zechariah to Johannesburg, where Zecharia’s troubled dreams of Mangidi upset the entire household.

As tensions rise, Faith’s panic intensifies, leading her to seek desperate measures to calm Mangidi’s spirit. The failed ceremony brings temporary relief, but ominous signs and nightmares haunt Faith, deepening her sense of foreboding.

Despite moments of hope and reconciliation among family members, such as Funani and Zecharia’s heartfelt conversation, Faith’s revelation about Mangidi’s death threatens to unravel the fragile peace.

The Zwide mansion becomes a battleground for both the spiritual and the personal, as the family journeys through darkness towards a glimmer of light and redemption.

As tensions reach a boiling point and ominous signs multiply, the Zwide family stands on the brink of a revelation that could either lead them to salvation or plunge them into darkness forever.


1. Funani’s dad tells him where MaZwide died.

2. Faith is not present at the ceremony

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