House Of Zwide: Ona decides to confront Funani.

House Of Zwide: Ona decides to confront Funani.

I admire Soka’s respect for Ona; he doesn’t want to take advantage of the situation and sleep with her. Are there still guys like Soka around?
Ona decides to confront Funani 1

Ona isn’t feeling well, and intimacy is the last thing she needs. She simply wants to be held and loved. Soka is a good boyfriend for her because she is going through a lot.

Faith must tell Zanele the truth; otherwise, she will suffer. Despite knowing the truth, she must stand by her mother. I despise what the Molapos are doing; they are only postponing the inevitable. Ona is a Zwide person.

Ona should live with the Zwides and become acquainted with her father and brother. She is welcome to go to the Molapos. All of this is unjust to Funani because it appears that the Molapos will win Ona while Funani has been waiting for two decades.
Ona decides to confront Funani 2

Nkosi is both insane and stupid. He can’t possibly ask Dorothy to do that. Dorothy and her relationship with Molefe had nothing to do with his fight with Molefe. Nkosi is hallucinating.

I support Molefe. Nkosi’s behavior is unreasonable. Even if Molefe was aware, he was still acting inappropriately.

Funani and Rea? I can’t say I didn’t see it coming

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