House Of Zwide: Ona got what she wanted, but Shoki is destroying everything.

Ona got what she wanted, but Shoki is destroying everything.

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Ona has had to fight tooth and nail to get where she is at the moment. Faith and Zanele did all they could to try and break her, that nearly worked but it didn’t. She has been resilient and persistent and that seems to have helped her keep it together.

Things have been intense at the House of Zwide, but for Ona, it was made extra hard. If it was not for Funani Zwide, she would have dropped out of the internship program. After the heart-to-heart conversation she had with Funani, she had her passion for fashion rekindled.

Things are now working out for Ona and she is succeeding, but her best friend Shoki might land her in trouble. She stole a dress from the House Of Zwide Boutique. Because she did it without being seen the first time, she might start doing it over and over until the management at Ona’s workplace start noticing and complaining.

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Bear in mind that Ona is known as the girl from Tembisa who stole the House Of Zwide material from De Villers and when things start disappearing from the boutique under her watch, automatically they will suspect that she is the one stealing.

Before the end of the coming week, Shoki will be confronted for her stealing habits, will she come clean and confess that she did it? Since Soka is aware that Shoki has stolen a dress, will he tell Ona?

Let’s Watch, Wait and See.

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