HouseofZwide: Ona and Funani discuss an emotional subject

HouseofZwide: Ona and Funani discuss an emotional subject

The reality that stunned her about Nkosi having a youngster with Mampho, however, he is beginning to have an immense impact on her life since she has been gleaning some useful knowledge from him.

Her life has changed a ton since she has invested a great deal of energy with the Zwide family everybody’s shocked by the certainty, that she has this day since she has battled a ton on her new position and she is more confident due to embracing the truth in her life.

It seems to be the connection between Funani and Ona is beginning to be a gigantic bad dream for the Molapo’s, in view of the trepidation that their strength lose her to Funani, who is continuously seeking compensation for the time that he has lost with her, after Confidence kept the mystery from him for a long time and this time they are regarding each as another well.

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